BioSTAR Inc. delivers multi-faceted medical and research support for program development, funding opportunities and collaborative R&D programs between universities, government, and industries. With over 30 years experience in program management, basic biomedical R&D, medical product development, and funding resource development, the principals of BioSTAR can deliver custom solutions to almost any medical research requirement. BioSTAR offers particular expertise in forming joint and cooperative partnerships between industry, government and academia, technology transfer issues, and basic research opportunities.

BioSTAR Inc. is a member of the BioSTAR Group of companies, an informal affiliation of independent entities that share some common resources.

The BioSTAR Group includes:

BioSTAR Inc.: Biomedical Consulting & Program Management

Synedgen Inc.: Bioengineering and Biomaterials

AutoMedx Inc.: Medical Support Technology

The Hugh & Carolyn Shelton Military Neurotrauma Foundation: a non-profit dedicated to improving outcomes for battlefield neurotrauma injuries